About the Book About Treasure Mountain

Mia, a young woman, foresees a glimpse of her unborn baby in a supernatural experience. Upon waking, she wonders if it was just a dream? With unanswered questions about this unlikely sign from heaven, she must search to discover the hidden meaning within before it's too late.

Meanwhile, powerful forces in heaven move in anticipation of unfolding happenings on the earth. Strange visitors arrive to meet an angel among the stars, seeking an unusual treasure. The angel sends them to find Treasure Mountain, a mysterious paradise in a remote, unknown world.

On their journey, they meet ancient heroes and fight deadly enemies, escaping danger and encountering surprises at every twist and turning of events along the way. To reach their destiny, together they must face one of the darkest terrors ever unleashed in the ages of history. Who will survive and what will they find at the top of Treasure Mountain?

Choose Your Treasure

Combining themes of action, adventure, family and fantasy, Treasure Mountain is an original story filled with epic film adrenaline, while illuminating spiritual triumphs of the human heart.

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