About the Author About Timothy James


Timothy James, author of Treasure Mountain and The Destiny Stone, resides on Otter Tail Lake in west-central Minnesota.

Tim's extensive travels provide him with a unique writer's perspective from creative points of interest around the globe. His original storylines often navigate through cataclysmic events. For example, Tim's second novel, The Destiny Stone, depicts a devastating flood in Asia. He wrote this remarkable story in the weeks before the historic earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011. In the aftermath, he was among the first Americans to arrive in Japan. Some had lost their homes and even loved ones. Tim volunteered for the relief work in the disaster area, bringing hope to the Japanese who survived. These life experiences illustrate the inspiration his travels have for his dynamic writing, capturing everyday moments like butterflies in a net.

He enjoys swimming, soccer, tennis, biking, volleyball, and music.




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