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In this sequel to Treasure Mountain, Mia returns to the U.S. Open Women's Championship for a second shot at the title. Under the media blitz in New York, many question whether she's regained the strength to overcome her former injury? With the game on the line, she must tell her father the truth--
about her son.

Among the stars, a heavenly council summons angels in an emergency meeting. A destiny stone, hidden among The Crown Jewels in London, is missing. The council dispatches Sondance to recruit the aid of a Minnesota teenager, one with misgivings about the
existence of angels.

On the chase, they get caught away on a wave of peculiar phenomena and supernatural occurrences, leaving behind what they've always known. To find the clues, they must take a chance and risk everything through flood and fire with no turning back. Will it mean sink or swim--and what will become of the lost destiny stone?

Reclaim Your Destiny

Grab a hold of these pages as you're swept overboard into the world of The Destiny Stone, a cataclysmic tale stirring through current events, leaving historic moments in its wake.

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